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BT2191A Self-Discharge Measurement System

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Completing Li-Ion Cell Self-Discharge Testing in Just Two Hour - Case Study
Leading Lithium-Ion cell manufacturer dramatically reduces overall battery test time and improves product quality assurance with innovative self-discharge tests from design to manufacturing.

Case Study 2018-07-04

How to Shorten Li-Ion Self-Discharge Test Time? - White Paper
High levels of Li-Ion cell self-discharge are indicative of latent failures. The new potentiostatic solution from Keysight addresses cell self-discharge measurement challenges with revolutionary reduction in time, save cost and accelerate time-to-market.

Application Note 2018-01-26

Li-Ion Self-Discharge Measurement on YouTube
Keysight’s self-discharge measurement solutions provide a revolutionary reduction in the time to measure and characterize self-discharge performance of Li-Ion cells.

Demo 2018-01-18

Evaluate Lithium Ion Self-Discharge of Cells in a Fraction of the Time Traditionally Required
This new way to determine a cell’s self-discharge by measuring its self-discharge current allows cells with excessively high self-discharge to be identified and isolated much quicker vs traditional open-circuit voltage approaches.

Application Note 2017-12-08

BT2191A Self-Discharge Measurement System - Data Sheet
The BT2191A Li-Ion cell self-discharge measurement system characterizes self-discharge current much faster, with a powerful software for control, graphing, logging and storage.

Data Sheet 2017-12-01

Self-Discharge Measurement System and Software User Guide
The BT2191A Lithium-Ion Self Discharge Measurement System uses a potentiostatic method to quickly make necessary DC measurements with minimum disturbance to the cell-under-test.

User Manual 2017-07-31