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16196A Parallel Electrode SMD Test Fixture, DC to 3 GHz

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Accessories Catalog for Impedance Measurements - Catalog
This catalog introduces all the impedance test fixtures that can be used with LCR meters, Resistance Meters, Capacitance Meters, Impedance Analyzers, and Combination analyzers. ADDITIONAL MODELS: 16196A 16196B 16196C 16197A 16064B 16190B 16380A 16380C 42030A 42090A 42091A

Selection Guide 2017-08-24

16196A/B/C/D Correlating RF Impedance Measurements When Using SMD Test Fixtures
This Product Note explains that the ability to verify the correlation of impedance measurement results is dependent on the variety of factors.

Application Note 2007-03-06

16196A/B/C/D Parallel Electrode SMD Test Fixture Operation and Service Manual
This manual describes basic information needed to use the 16196A/B/C/D. It provides a installation guide product overview operation user maintenance specifications supplemental performance characteristics and service information.

User Manual 2005-06-01