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53150A CW Microwave Frequency Counter, 20 GHz

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53150A/151A/152A Operating Guide
53150-90013; Contains a description of the features and functions of the instrument, including programming information, application examples, and technical specifications.

Manuel d'exploitation 2019-08-13

Declaration of Conformity
Search Keysight Regulatory database for the most recent Declaration of Conformity statement for your product.

Guide de références 2014-08-01

Full-Featured CW Microwave Counters for Field, Factory or Lab Data Sheet
Description and technical specifications for the Keysight 53150A, 53151A, and 53152A CW Microwave Counters.

Fiche signalétique 2011-12-05

53150 Series Continuous Wave (CW) Microwave Counters - Quick Fact Sheet
2-page quick fact sheet outlines the key features and specifications for Keysight's 53150 series microwave frequency counters.

Brochure 2011-06-24

Frequency counter selection guide

Guide de sélection 2010-05-04

10 Hints for Getting the Most from your Frequency Counter
Maximize the results you get from your frequency counter through 10 hints from better from understanding the architecture to making faster measurements.

Notes d’application 2008-04-18

4 Steps for Making Better Power Measurements (AN 64-4D) - Application Note
Before selecting a power meter and associated sensors, make sure that you have taken the 4 steps detailed in this note, which influence the accuracy, economy and technical match to your application.

Notes d’application 2006-04-26

Frequency Counter Video Overview
A 5 minute video demo of Keysight's frequency counters.

Démonstration de base 2004-11-01

Tips for making more accurate measurements with a frequency counter
Six tips for making accurate frequency measurements.

Notes d’application 2004-07-30

53150A/151A/152A Programming Guide
This Programming Guide describes how to program the 53150A/51A/52A Microwave Frequency Counters.

Guide de programmation et de syntaxe 2002-08-01

53150A/151A/152A Assembly Level Service Guide
This Assembly-Level Service Guide describes how to service the 53150A/51A/52A Microwave Frequency Counters.

Manuels d'entretien 2002-08-01

53150A Standard Shipped Components
Listing of items shipped with a standard 53150A product.

Guide de références 2002-03-12

53150A/51A/52A Microwave Frequency Counter Operating Guide (French)
53150A/51A/52A Microwave Frequency Counter Operating Guide (French)

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2001-12-06

4 Hints for Making Better Microwave Counter Measurements
This Product Note provides four pertinent hints for making better microwave counter measurements, describes the advantages of using a microwave counter, and deals with the unique measurement problems created by the advancement in counter technology.

Notes d’application 1998-09-01

Fundamentals of Microwave Frequency Counters (AN 200-1)
This somewhat lengthy, classic Application Note addresses the microwave counter designer's need for down-conversion techniques. It describes and compares techniques and outlines additional considerations in choosing a microwave counter. Includes some applications of the Keysight 5342A.

Notes d’application 1997-05-01