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N5166B CXG RF Vector Signal Generator, 9 kHz – 3/6 GHz

Status do Produto: Produto Disponível | Com Suporte

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Versão: B.01.90
Data de lançamento: 2020-03-04

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X-Series Signal Generators Service Guide
Service information for the CXG, EXG and MXG X-Series signal generators. (N5166B, N5171B, N5172B, N5173B, N5181B, N5182B, N5183B)

Manual de serviço 2020-12-01

PDF PDF 34.44 MB
N5166B CXG RF Vector Signal Generator - Data Sheet
This data sheet describes the performance of the N5166B CXG RF vector signal generator, including RF and baseband generator performance, as well as the performance of the instrument options.

Folha de Dados 2020-08-25

The Essential Signal Generator Guide – Building a Solid Foundation in RF – Part 1 - White Paper
In this first part of our two-part white paper series on signal generators, we help you gain a sound understanding regarding the fundamental specifications of signal generators.

Nota de aplicação 2020-07-15

X-Series Signal Generators SCPI Command Reference
This reference guide provides information on SCPI commands, and a key-versus-command reference for the N5166B CXG, N5171B, N5172B, N5181B, and N5182B MXG signal generators.

Guia de programação e sintaxe 2020-06-01

N5166B CXG RF Vector Signal Generator - Configuration Guide
This is a step-by-step guide on how to configure the N5166B CXG RF vector signal generator. It includes the up-front options that you may order together with the N5166B base instrument, and the post-sales upgrade kit, as well as the software products that further enhance the capabilities of the N5166B CXG

Guia de configuração 2020-06-01

Receiver Test: Overcoming Five Fundamental Challenges - Application Note
Learn how to address five fundamental challenges in the development of wireless receivers.

Nota de aplicação 2020-05-12

How to Create Baseband Waveforms and Download Them to RF Vector Signal Generators - Application Note
Understand the hardware structure and requirements for waveform data so that you can generate correct waveforms and download the waveforms into vector signal generators.

Nota de aplicação 2019-12-24

Overcoming LoRa Device RF Measurement Challenges - Application Note
This Application Note offers an introduction to some key LoRa device RF measurement challenges and offers guidance to how users can overcome these using Keysight’s test solutions.

Nota de aplicação 2019-12-01

X-Series Signal Generators User's Guide
User's guide describing basic front panel operation of the N5166B, N5171B, N5172B, N5173B, N5181B, N5182B, and N5183B X-Series signal generators. It includes front and rear panel connector descriptions.

Manual do usuário 2019-11-01

3 Steps to Characterize RF Devices with Stimulus-Response Measurements - White Paper
Perform stimulus-response tests, such as CCDF, harmonics, TOI, ACP, and EVM to understand the performance of the DUT under different conditions to determine the best trade-offs in your design.

Nota de aplicação 2019-09-20

X-Series Signal Generators Getting Started Guide
This guide provides basic information, a procedure for operation verification, as well as regulatory information.

Manual de instalação 2019-09-01

Navigate the Complexity of IoT RF Receiver Testing - White Paper
This white paper provides an overview of the major IoT wireless standards, common IoT RF receiver test cases, and tips for accurate receiver measurements.

Nota de aplicação 2019-07-25

X-Series Signal Generators N5181B/N5171B Analog N5182B/N5172B Vector – Technical Overview
This brochure provides an overview of features and functionality for MXG and EXG X-Series analog and vector signal generators.

Brochura 2019-07-18

X-Series Signal Generators Programming Guide
This programming guide provides programming examples, as well as information related to remote operation of the signal generators.

Guia de programação e sintaxe 2019-07-01

X-Series Signal Generators Programming Compatibility Guide
This guide provides a comprehensive listing of SCPI commands and programming codes for signal generator models supported by the Keysight N5166B CXG, N5171B/72B EXG, and N5181B/82B MXG X- Series signal generators.

Guia de programação e sintaxe 2019-07-01

X-Series Signal Generators Error Messages
This document contains an explanation of error messages relating to the X-Series signal generators N5166B, N517xB, and N518xB instruments.

Manual do usuário 2019-07-01

N5166B CXG RF Vector Signal Generator - Product Fact Sheet
The N5166B CXG X-Series RF vector signal generator is a low-cost, multi-functional signal generation tool, used in general-purpose, and educational applications.

Brochura 2019-06-21

CXG, MXG-B, and EXG Signal Generator Security Features and Document of Volatility
This document describes instrument memory types and security features. It provides a statement regarding the volatility of all memory types, and specifies the steps required to declassify an instrument through memory clearing, sanitization, or removal.

Manual do usuário 2019-06-01

How to Minimize Measurement Uncertainty in RF Signal Generators - Application Note
This app note will help you minimize measurement uncertainty attributed to test stimuli in a test system and to know what the measurement uncertainties are and how to minimize them.

Nota de aplicação 2019-05-21

Improving Amplitude Accuracy with Next-Generation Signal Generators - White Paper
This whitepaper will help you improve the amplitude accuracy of your measurements that involve signal generators.

Nota de aplicação 2018-11-02