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VEE Pro 9.33

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Extensible VEE Object (EVO) Developer's Guideline - Application Note
Keysight VEE provides a way to extend Keysight VEE functionality by introducing Extensible VEE Object (EVO). Each EVO has its own GUI control and execution behavior, and is similar to generic VEE object.

Application Note 2019-01-28

Keysight VEE 9.33 Help File in English and Japanese
Keysight VEE 9.3 Help File in English and Japanese

Help File 2018-08-28

ZIP ZIP 29.11 MB
VEE Pro 9.33 - Data Sheet
This data sheet describes the key features, technical specifications and ordering information for Keysight VEE Pro 9.3.

Data Sheet 2018-08-23

Power Supply Test – FineTest
Power Supply Test Solutions from FineTest and Keysight

Solution Brief 2014-04-29

What’s new in Keysight VEE 9.32
See the new features of Keysight VEE 9.32

Technical Overview 2013-11-25

VEE Multimedia Demonstrations
These videos will help you get started using Keysight VEE Pro quickly and easily.

Demo 2013-11-17

Create and Analyze Music and Voice Using VEE
This demo is created for teaching oscilloscope and electrical signal for high school students or anyone even for those without engineering knowledge. The demo uses something they already familiar with: sound and music. It relates complex topics with common knowledge to call the attention of people and to get them interested in learning complex concepts.

Demo 2013-11-17

VEE Pro and The MathWorks MATLAB®
This matrix shows which version of MATLAB® is supported in each version of Keysight VEE Pro.

Configuration Guide 2012-10-25

Operating System Support by VEE Version
This matrix shows which Keysight development environments are supported on which operating system revisions.

Selection Guide 2011-11-11

USB Modular vTools 1.1 Help File
USB Modular vTools 1.1 Help File in English and Japanese

Help File 2011-11-11

VEE Pro 9.33 - Quick Start Guide
A guide on how to install, launch and use Keysight VEE Pro 9.3 and VEE Student 9.3. Includes a description for new features of version 9.3 and available in 6 languages (English, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.)

Quick Start Guide 2011-07-28

VEE Pro 9.2 and VEE Express 9.2 - Quick Start Guide
VEE Pro 9.2 and VEE Express 9.2 Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide 2010-04-15

Tips and Tricks of using U2761A USB Modular Function Generator in VEE Pro
This package contains the document and the example programs on pulse generation and real-time control basis using Keysight VEE Pro 9.0.

Promotional Materials 2010-01-05

Full Suite of VEE Programming Examples for U2701A/U2702A Scopes
VEE Programming Examples for USB Scopes.

Promotional Materials 2010-01-05

Tips and Tricks of using USB Scope in VEE Pro
This package contains the document and the example program on how to control U2701A/U2702A modular oscilloscopes in real-time basis using Keysight VEE Pro 9.0.

Promotional Materials 2010-01-05

Easily arrange and rearrange your tests - Brochure
Easily arrange and rearrange your tests - Keysight’s USB modular instruments and USB data acquisition modules make it possible.

Brochure 2009-01-15

Automotive Power Window Regulator Testing - Application Note
Automotive power window regulator tests require the use of accurate data acquisition devices, as they cover a wide range of parameters such as window movement, acceleration of the window movement in both directions, maximum range of movement, torque exerted at the start, the end stall torque, and motor load characteristics.

Application Note 2008-06-30

Small Engine Dynamometer Testing - Application Note
Performing Dynamometer Testing on Combustion Engines

Application Note 2008-06-01

Strain Measurement Application Using U2300A Series with Keysight VEE Pro - Application Note
This application note describes how users can make strain and vibration measurements using the Keysight USB DAQ for reliability and strength characterization of concrete and metal structures.

Application Note 2007-05-18

Features Table for Keysight VEE Express - Selection Guide
The following table shows the differences between Keysight VEE Pro and Keysight VEE Express.

Selection Guide 2007-01-31

Keysight T&M Software Compatibility
List of support matrices for IO Libraries and Keysight T&M software development environments.

Technical Overview 2003-08-18