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E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator, 250 kHz to 6 GHz

Product Status: Descontinuado | Soporte disponible

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Firmware/Software Actual

Versión: C.05.85
Publicación: 2015-08-04

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How many carriers can the MXG support in Carrier Aggregation mode?
One MXG can support one instance of the Carrier Aggregation mode. One instance of the Carrier Aggregation mode supports 5 component carriers.

FAQ 2017-06-28

Can I determine if a Keysight Signal Generator needs to be operated in terms of a status value or the temperature that it was last performed?
Keysight signal generators do not have any circuitry to monitor temperature values, or even log temperatures, inside any of our signal generators.

FAQ 2017-06-28

How do I create a Mono FM Signal using N5182B MXG ARB?
You can configure N7611B Signal Studio Broadcast Radio to play a mono/FM signal.

FAQ 2017-06-28

Signal Generator Firmware Update Center
Download signal generator firmware, release notes, upgrade guide and FAQs.

FAQ 2015-08-27

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

What is included with Option UK6?
Beginning December 19, 2013, the list below describes what will be included with Option UK6:

FAQ 2014-02-27

What is the RF Test Blog?
RF engineers know that making good measurements is a challenge. The RF Test Blog was created as a resource for RF engineers to find ways to make better RF measurements.

FAQ 2013-12-17

When should I use Real-time Custom Modulation vs. Arb Custom Moduation vs. Creating my own IQ waveform?
It is always easier to use the real-time custom modulation mode inside the instrument until you run out of the flexibility.

FAQ 2013-08-14

How do I find the HOST ID of my instrument or PC?
Keysight software options are licensed to many different types of hardware, using a unique hardware identifier called the Host ID. The Host ID is composed of 1, 2, or 3 elements, depending upon the software model and the target hardware platform.

FAQ 2013-05-07

When I use the 30-day trial license of the Signal Studio for WiMAX™, how can I check the number of days remaining on temporary license?
Press the front panel keys: Utility > Instrument Adjustments > Instrument Options > Waveform Licenses

FAQ 2013-01-28

Why is the Upgrade Assistant not able to detect my instrument?
If the Upgrade Assistant not able to detect you instrument, but the instrument is able to be ping on the IO libraries and works fine on the web interface, ensure that the socket SCPI is turn on.

FAQ 2012-07-17

How do I upgrade my signal generator firmware?
Click here for information on how to upgrade your firmware.

FAQ 2012-06-12

How do I find internal instrument information, such as the firmware revision?
Click here to learn how to access internal instrument information.

FAQ 2012-06-08

Why is the FSK modulation index of the ESG limited to about 4 or less on the E4438C and 1 or less on the E443XB?
The interpolation in the DSP algorithms for the baseband generator limits the modulation index.

FAQ 2012-06-07

When I want to use reconstruction filters other than 250 kHz, 2.5 MHz, and 8 MHz, what should I do?
Use external filters instead of those preset filters to prevent the unwanted image spurious.

FAQ 2012-06-07

Does the E4438C ESG support MediaFLO?
Qualcomm has prepared MediaFLO IQ sample files to work with the 64-megasample arbitrary waveform generator.

FAQ 2012-06-07

I just received my signal generator which had the signal studio pre-installed in the instrument by the factory. I also received a binder containin...
Since the license(s) is pre-installed, the certificate entitlement(s) is not attached.

FAQ 2012-06-07

What should I do in order not to set the ARB Sample Clock each time I recall a stored ARB file?
Provided are the settings for Header Information of an ARB waveform file and the Procedure.

FAQ 2012-06-07

Why doesn't the Keysight License Manager connect to my ESG?
Your ESG needs firmware revision C.04.84 or above...

FAQ 2012-03-02

Can I apply a DC offset voltage to the RF output of ESG/PSG?
No, ESG/PSG (and all our RF/microwave SG) do not have a capability of applying a DC offset to their RF output signal.

FAQ 2012-02-20

How do I input the license key on my E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator?
Click here for information on license key installation.

FAQ 2012-02-19

How do I find the Host ID of my signal generator?

FAQ 2012-02-19

I am having problems installing the PSG/ESG Upgrade Assistant on Windows 7. What can I do?
PSG/ESG Upgrade Assistant using Windows 7

FAQ 2011-11-17

How can I find accessories for a Keysight product?
For instrument-specific accessories (such as probes for an oscilloscope), first go to the product page and then see the related accessories. For general-purpose accessories (such as rf & microwave test accessories, carts, and racks), go to the ...

FAQ 2011-10-07

The rear panel of the instrument shows Option 700. What does Option 700 mean?
Option 700 is showing on the rear panel of the instrument as the instrument had been returned to factory for an upgrade previously. This option indicates installation and calibration have been performed for this instrument and it covers the cost of tear down, parts, rebuild and finally complete calibration on the upgrade. Option 700 is stated only on the rear panel, but will not be located on the diagnostic info.

FAQ 2011-04-19

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