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16500B Operating System Software (Version 3.14)

These files contain the 3.14 OP SYS for the 16500B and are dated 07/18/97. (Note: These are DOS files. DO NOT use the lifutil to copy.)

All files on these 5 disks should be copied into the '\SYSTEM' directory on the 16500B hard disk drive.

The 3.14 version is the same as the 3.13 version except for the 'SYS_034' file which has been updated to support the E2474A. If you/customer already has version 3.13 installed...just 'get' the 'SYS_034' (on Disk #4) file and copy it over the existing 'SYS_034' file on the 16500B Hard Drive.

Version 3.14 or later of the 16500B operating system is required to work with the the E2474A.

Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
1997-08-04 3.14 Operating system software files for the 16500B logic analysis system.

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  • Click the download button, select file and save.

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  • See Documentation

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