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N1930B Physical Layer Test System Software

Data Collection & Analysis Software for Frequency and Time Domain Data with Optional Instrument Control Includes What’s New in PLTS 2021 Software

  • The N1930xB trial license will enable all features N19303B /5B/ 6B/ 7B
Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version

Essai gratuit disponible

2021-02-08 PLTS 2021 PLTS 2021 Update 1

Comment télécharger

  • Click on “Download” button indicated on Keysight website

Comment installer

  • When Install wizard launches, just click install and make sure to use all standard default settings (no custom settings should be used).
  • After installation, the first time PLTS launches, it will ask for the license file. Just browse to your location that you saved the license file to and double click on license file.
  • The program will then automatically start working properly. Sample s-parameter data files can be found under install folder labelled “Data” that is by standard default located here: This PC OSDisk (C:) > Program Files > Keysight > PLTS2021 > Data

Autorisation d'exploitation

Document d'appui


S'installe sur:

PC / Instrument

Système d'exploitation

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7


  • Information non-disponible

Instruments appuyés

  • Keysight VNA/ENA/TDR