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N1010A FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software

N1010A FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software provides Oscilloscope, Eye/Mask, Jitter, and TDR measurement capabilities and is used to control compatible Keysight DCA instruments. FlexDCA can be installed either on your PC or DCA mainframe.

N1010A FlexDCA connects to:

• N1000A DCA-X mainframes running FlexDCA 6.00 or later. Install this download on both your PC and the DCA-X mainframe for remote PC control.

• N10xxx DCA-M products connected via USB to either a PC or an N1000A/86100D mainframe. No firmware is installed on DCA-M products.

• 86100D DCA-X mainframes running FlexDCA or the legacy UI. Install this download on both your PC and the DCA-X mainframe for remote PC control.

• 86100C DCA-J mainframes running the legacy UI (FlexDCA A.05.80 or lower only). Ensure that the 86100C is running firmware revision A.10.83 (free download from the 86100C support page).



No licenses are required for basic FlexDCA functionality. Trial licenses are available to evaluate licensed features before purchase.

Versions A.05.00 and above support Windows 7 and Windows 10

Windows XP is supported in versions A.04.54 and lower (Previous Versions tab)

86100C connectivity is supported in A.05.80 and lower (Previous Versions tab)

NOTICE TO 32-BIT USERS: Beginning with FlexDCA 6.40, 32-bit operating systems are no longer supported. Please migrate to 64-bit Win7 or Win10 in order to continue to have access to the latest versions of FlexDCA.

  • Current Version: 64-bit installer is available from the download link below
  • Versions A.06.03 and lower: 32-bit and 64-bit installers are available (Previous Versions tab)
Дата выпуска Версия Описание версии
2019-08-27 A.06.40.429 Updates to AWG control including signal optimization and support for M8194A AWG, support of Flex-on-Flex connections over USB, improvements to CDR performance and various measurements including TDECQ, EOJ, and Jitter Mode measurements on closed eyes.

Как загрузить

  • Click the download button and save the upgrade file to a USB flash drive, LAN folder that will be available to the target machine, or directly to the target machine.

Как установить

  1. Close all open programs and applications
  2. Install latest Microsoft Windows updates
  3. Run the installation package, following all prompts and instructions


  • Лицензия не требуется

Сопроводительная документация


Устанавливается на:

PC / Instrument

Операционная система

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7 64-bit

Предварительные условия

  • Important! Install latest Microsoft Windows updates before installing this revision.
  • .Net requires updated certificates or it will not install. Alternatively, the target machine can be connected to a LAN with internet access so the certificate can be downloaded during the installation of FlexDCA.
  • Troubleshooting .NET Installation Issues on FlexDCA

Поддерживаемые приборы

  • N1000A 86100D N109xx N107xx