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AC Source GUI Software Download Free

Access the powerful capabilities of the 6800 series products.

A free release of the graphical user interface (GUI) is now available (Rev A.01.08). Read on for a list of the new and improved features and then download your FREE GUI.

The GUI allows you to easily perform key tests such as inrush characterization with the built-in data acquisition capability of Keysight's ac source products. Graphical and numeric test results can be saved for future analysis or reporting. Create arbitrary waveforms that can be easily downloaded to the 6800 products' non-volatile memory - without writing a line of software code. These waveforms can be saved in PC-based files so that you can accumulate a customer library of waveforms, specifically tailored to your applications. These waveforms can be later recalled and downloaded to the 6800 products at your convenience.

It is not recommended for use with RS-232 interface.

Key Features

  • Fast and easy ac source setup
  • Easy-to-use table for transient generation
  • "Click and drag" graphical creation of transients
  • "Oscilloscope" view of dynamic and static voltage and current measurements shown in a single window
  • Quickly develop, view, and download harmonic and arbitrary waveforms
  • Command view window shows all SCPI commands being sent to the ac source and parameters received from the ac source
  • Configure and save ac source states, arbitrary waveforms and transient generation files for convenient recall
  • Continuous logging and filing of measurement data
  • Ability to import and export waveform files
  • Editing waveforms from a table
  • Ability to export measured waveform data
  • Sweepable AM/FM modulation
  • Programmable impedance controls
  • Transient editor to easily repeat a list while maintaining synchronization with initial trigger
  • Runs on Windows95-98, 2000 and WindowsNT 4.0 or later versions

New or Improved Features

  • Full support for Dual Power Analyzer option, including dual waveform display and 2 additional tests
  • resizable main waveform display and added scaling features
  • Easy data logging and analysis with direct data export to Microsoft® Excel
  • Military Standard and RTCA-DO160 test configurations

Minimum PC Configuration

  • 486DX33 or faster (Pentium 100 is recommended)
  • 8 MB of RAM
  • 2 MB of hard disk space
  • Windows XP operating system (does not work on Vista or Windows 7)

Supported Interfaces

  • Keysight 82357A, Keysight 82357B
  • Keysight 82335B, Keysight 82340B, Keysight 82341C
  • Keysight 82341D, National AT-GPIB/TNT

Download the software by selecting the appropriate link. Save the downloaded file to a temporary directory on your PC. This file you saved is self-extracting executable. To extract the installation files, double click on the downloaded file.

Release Date Version Version Description
2002-12-11 A.01.08 AC Source GUI Software Download Free

How to Download

  • 1. Click the Download button. 2. Select the appropriate executable file. 3. Choose Download.

How to Install

  • 1. Save to the location of your choice. 2. Open and run file from location it was previously saved


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 95/98


  • See Above

Supported Instruments

  • Keysight 6811A B, 6812A B, 6813A B, 6814B, 6834B Keysight 6841A, 6842A, 6843A in Normal mode only