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Factory Default N5172B, N5182B, N5166B, N5162A, N5182A Waveforms for Baseband Generator

The N5182A MXG, N5172B EXG X-Series, N5182B MXG X-Series, and N5166B CXG vector signal generators are shipped with sample waveforms for verifying performance with instruments that have the optional baseband generator enabled. These waveforms are stored in the instrument non-volatile memory; however, they can be erased to enable more storage for user-created waveforms. Erased waveforms can be restored back into the instrument using USB or FTP client

Waveform Descriptions
File Name Descriptions
2tone.securewave 2 Sine Wave Tones, 1 MHz separation
12tone.securewave 12 Sine Wave Tones, 400 kHz separation
Cdma2k_9chan.securewave cdma2k, FWD 9 Chan, IS95 ACP EQ, 1 Carrier
Cdma2k_pilot.securewave cdma2k, FWD Pilot, IS95 EVM EQ, 1 Carrier
Edge_1c_burst.securewave EDGE, 1 8PSK Normal (PN15) Timeslot, 1 Carrier
Edge_1c_cont.securewave EDGE, Continuous Modulation, 1 Carrier
Gsm_1c_burst.securewave GSM, 1 GMSK Normal (PN15) Timeslot, 1 Carrier
Gsm_1c_cont.securewave GSM, Continuous Modulation, 1 Carrier
LTE_ACP.securewave 10 MHz E-TM 1.1 QPSK
Qam16.securewave 16QAM, α=0.25 RNYQ, 4 Msps, 1 Carrier
Qpsk.securewave QPSK, α=0.25 RNYQ, 4 Msps, 1 Carrier
Wcdma_1dpch.securewave W-CDMA, DL 1 DPCH, 1 Carrier
Wcdma_tm1_64dpch_1c.securewave W-CDMA, DL TM1 + 64 DPCH, 1 Carrier
Wcdma_tm1_64dpch_4c.securewave W-CDMA, DL TM1 + 64 DPCH, 4 Carriers
Wcdma_tm4.securewave W-CDMA, DL TM4, 1 Carrier
Wimax_10mhz_64qam.securewave  Mobile WIMAX™, 1024FFT, DL, PUSC, 30 SYM, 64QAM, 10 MHz BW
Wimax_10mhz_qpsk.securewave Mobile WIMAX, 1024FFT, DL, PUSC, 30 SYM, QPSK, 10 MHz BW
Wlan20mhz54m64qam.securewave WLAN, OFDM 64QAM, 54 Mbps, 20 MHz BW
Wlan160mhz256qamevm.securewave WLAN 802.11ac, OFDM 256QAM, 160 MHz BW

No previous versions available.