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N9039A RF Preselector Software

The N9039A Preselector Application is the software that runs in the N9039A RF Preselector

This software can be updated similar to installing any other software update on your personal computer. If your N9039A is connected to the network, download the software update package found below onto the instrument and run the file directly on it. Otherwise, download the package onto your personal computer and transfer the file to the RF Preselector using a USB storage device.

It is recommended that you update your N9039A Preselector Application software whenever a new version is available.

Instrument Software Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Download the N9039A Preselector Application software update package onto the instrument (if it is connected to the network) or onto your PC (to be transferred to the instrument via a USB storage device).
  2. Download and follow the N9039A Software Update Procedure
  3. DO NOT run the N9039A Preselector Application Software Update onto your Personal Computer or Laptop. It is required that this application is run on the N9039A RF Preselector itself.

See the "N9039A Software Revision History" for details on all included updates, as well as the "N9039A Software vs. PSA Firmware Revision Compatibility" to know what versions of the PSA firmware this is compatible with.

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