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HP DeskJet 940C printer driver for E5071A

This printer driver is only used for the E5071A with the following serial numbers and for using the HP DeskJet 940C with the E5071A. This driver is not required if the software has already been installed into the E5071A.

E5071A JP1KJ00100 through 248,251,253.

Required E5071A Firmware Revision

Rev.A.01.00 and above

Installation Procedure

Step1. Prepare five floppy disks.
Step2. Label disk with disk number (e.g. disk1, disk2, .. disk5).
Step3. Insert the floppy disk labeled "disk1" into your computer's FDD.
Step3. Click on the "Printer driver [disk1]" listed below.
Step4. Copy the file onto the disk.
Step5. Repeat each file onto each disk.

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