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N5530S Measuring Receiver Software

Requirements to Install Software

  •  Microsoft® Windows® based Personal Computer
  • Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • 300 MHz Pentium or AMD-K6-1 CPU (1 GHz recommended)
  • 256Mbytes RAM (512 Mbytes recommended)
  • 4 Mbytes Video RAM (8 Mbytes recommended)
  • Available space on hard drive: 110 Mbytes
  • IO Libraries for Windows M.01.01.04 or later Download IO Libraries
  • TM Tool Kit 1.1 Download TM Tool Kit
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1.4322 Microsoft Windows Update 

Software Download and Installation Instructions

Select the "N5530S Measuring Receiver Software, Version 01.01.20.msi" to download the software, and "N5530S Installation and User's Guide" to guide you through the process of:

  1. Checking for required software packages
  2. Downloading the software package into your PC
  3. Installing the new software package on your PC
Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2006-05-01 01.01.14 Batch mode display incorrect. “No Measurement” shown while measuring in batch mode. Batch mode not allowing instrument to stabilize.