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3070 05.31pa Software Package

3070 05.31pa Software Package Release Notes and Download

3070 05.31pa is in the form of a Software Update. The Software Update is 98 MB. This is much bigger than any previous 3070 software patch, but it is not a complete 3070 installation. In order to get the size down below 100 MB we eliminated many files that did not change between 05.30 and 05.31pa such as Keysight Digital Libraries, ScanWorks, 3070 Online Help files, MKS Toolkit, and Java runtime environment.

The software update 05.31pa may be installed only on MS Windows systems with 3070 05.31p or 05.30p (or any patch level of 05.30p, e.g. 05.30pc). It can be installed on systems with 3070 Test System Software or 3070 Development Software. The software update will replace most of the 3070 05.30 programs with 3070 05.31pa programs.

The software update must be installed by the administrator login (or a login with administrator privileges).

To download the software update on Windows systems running the 3070 05.31p, or 05.30p software releases:

  1. Click on "3070 05.31pa 0304 WN Download". Save this file to disk. The size of this file is 98 MB.
  2. Close all open programs.
  3. Go to the directory in which the file was saved and double-click on Agilent3070_0531pa.exe.
  4. Follow the Install Shield instructions for installation.
  5. To validate that the software installed correctly, bring up a Korn Shell window. On the menu bar, click START, then click Programs, then click Agilent3070, then click Korn Shell. In the Korn Shell window, type version and return. The software revision "3070 05.31pa 0304 WN" should display.
Release Date Version Version Description
2004-05-01 3070 05.31

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