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3070 05.21pd Software Package

3070 05.21pd Software Package Release Notes and Download

The software release 05.21pd may be installed on MS Windows or HP-UX systems with 3070 05.21p, 05.21pa, or 05.21pb. The MS Windows version may be installed on systems with 3070 Test System Software or 3070 Development Software.

For MS Windows systems, the software release must be installed by the administrator login (or a login with administrator privileges). For HP-UX systems, the software release must be installed by the root login.

To download on Windows systems running the 3070 05.21p, 05.21pa, or 05.21pb software release:

  1. Click on "3070 05.21pd 0103 WN Download". Save this file to disk. The size of this file is 8 MB.
  2. Close all open programs.
  3. Go to the directory in which the file was saved and double-click on 3070_0521pd.exe.
  4. Follow the Install Shield instructions for installation.
  5. To validate that the software installed correctly, bring up a Korn Shell window. On the menu bar, click START then click Programs then click Agilent3070 then click Korn Shell. In the Korn Shell window, type version and return. The software revision "3070 05.21pd 0103 WN" should display.

To download on Unix systems running 3070 05.21p or 05.21pb software release:

  1. Click on "3070 05.21pd 0103 UX Download". Approximately 60MB of available space will be necessary to perform the decompression and the final decompressed size of the file will be 29MB.
  2. In the download box, change the "Selection:" to reflect the location to which you want to download (/var/tmp/0521pd.pkg is recommended.)
  3. Change to the directory to which the software package was downloaded (/var/tmp).
  4. Users already familiar with swinstall, may continue installation specifying a "Source Depot Type" of "Local Directory" and a "Source Depot Path..." of the path to the downloaded file including the file name (/var/tmp/0521pd.pkg). Users not familiar with swinstall should click on "Swinstall Instructions" to download detailed instructions. To view this file, in a shell window, enter: "/usr/local/bin/X11/acroread [path/]UsingSwinstall.PDF".
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Release Date Version Version Description
2004-03-01 05.21pd

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  • 3070