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Keysight Screen Capture 2.0

Keysight IntuiLink Screen Capture for Keysight Instruments is an alternative for a plotter to capture screen images from GPIB instruments. It offers the following capabilities depending on the instrument. All instruments support screen capture.

  • Download bitmap, Plotter image, or Printer image from an instrument with a screen
  • Download waveform data from a scope
  • Save instrument settings to a file and retrieve instrument settings from a file
  • Print the screens and images to a printer with multiple images per page

Instruments Supported

  • Oscilloscopes
    54600 Series: 54600B, 54601A, 54601B, 54602A, 54602B, and 54603B
    54610 Series: 54610B, 54610B, 54616B, and 54616C
    54620 and 54640 Series: 54622A, 54622D, 54624A, 54624D, 54645A and 54645D
    54500 Series: 54501A and 54502A
    Infiniium: 54810A, 54815A, 54820A, 54825A
    6000 Series Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum Analyzers
    3585A Spectrum Analyzer, 40.1 MHz
    E4440A PSA Spectrum Analyzer
  • Network Analyzers
    3577A Network Analyzer, 200 MHz
    8753ES, 8753E, 8753D, 8753C, 8752, 8720ES, 8714C, 8714ET, 8714ES, 8713C, 8713ET, 8713ES, 8712C, 8712ET, 8712ES, 8702, 8703, 8510A, 8510BC
  • Parametric, Impedance Analyzers
    4145A, 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
    4194A Precision Impedance Analyzer
    4395A, 4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer NOTE: this requires additional separate install
  • 53310A MDA Analyzer

Note:  Keysight provides this free software "as is".  Any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to any warranty of non-infringement, the implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality, reasonable care and skill, and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed.

Release Date Version Version Description
2003-10-08 2.0 IntuiLink Data Capture for Keysight Instruments offers the following capabilities depending on the instrument Add-In: 1) Alternative to using a plotter to capture the screen image of GPIB instruments; 2) download bitmap, plotter image, or printer imag

How to Download

  • See Above

How to Install

  • See Readme File


  • Does Not Require a License

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