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S94601B Device Measurement eXpert (DMX) Software

Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2020-08-14 A. Properly uninstalls previous versions before installing the new version.

How to Download

  • Click on the download button and save the DMX_Axxx.exe file to a temporary location on your PC or directly on your supported VNA.

How to Install

  • To install, first exit any running instance of DMX, DMX Template Editor, DMX Log Viewer,­and Limit Assistant, then double click the DMX_Axxx.exe file.
  • Follow the instructions for the installation.
  • Installation will automatically uninstall any existing older version of software.
  • Installation will automatically install Keysight License Manager software on your PC or analyzer if the correct version is not already installed.


Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


  • Information Not Available

Supported Instruments

  • Benchtop VNAs:PNA/PNA-L/PNA-X models N52xxB with firmware version A.13.60.xx or newer. ENA E5080B model with firmware version A.13.70.xx or newer. Also Modular & USB VNAs: PXI M98xxA modular VNA models and Streamline Series USB VNA P50XXA models