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N4917BSCB 400G Optical Receiver Test

N4917BSCB 400G Optical Receiver Test Application provides a platform for stressed receiver sensitivity test, which is compliant to automated standards for 200GBASE and 400GBASE Optical Receiver Stress Testing. Additionally, the application supports compliance testing for a subset of 100GBASE and 50GBASE standards as per the specifications. The solution consists of several test instruments such as a Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT), an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), Digital Sampling Scope (DCA), Optical Reference Transmitter, Tunable Laser, and Optical Attenuator operating together with the N4917BSCB software package.

Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2019-06-28 2.50.0001 N4917BSCB 400G Optical Receiver Test Application

N4917BSCB 400G Optical Receiver Test Application

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  • Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10


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