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KS83ST0A Automation Software for Automotive Radar – ETSI standards and test cases

KS83200A compliments the E8740A automotive radar solutions. Enabling features and test sequences for both transmit and receiver testing. Simply instrument connection, correction and calibration for E8740A hardware configurations 010-090.

Data de lançamento Versão Descrição da Versão
2019-06-03 1.0 V1.0 KS83ST0A Automation Software for E8740A Automotive Radar Solutions – ETSI standards

KS83ST0A compliments the E8740A automotive radar solutions and basic software KS83200A. It includes ETSI standards-compliant routines for testing and validation of radar modules.

Como Baixar

  • Click Download button on this page to download the KS83ST0A Automation software. This software is a plugin to the Test Automation PathWave (TAP) and builds upon the basic the basic version KS83200A

Como Instalar

  • The SW components required for the E8740A Automotive Radar are installed separately. Please install the components in the following order:
    1. Please ensure you have the TAP Development system application installed. version 8.8 you can download the latest version here. KS8400A
    2. To automate any of the receiver tests you will also need Signal Studio software suite version Downloadd N7608APPC
    3. To see the results on an oscilloscope you will need to have VSA software. Download 89600A VSA software
    4. KS83200A automotive radar plugins
    5. Install KS83ST0A


  • Licenciamento

Documentação de suporte


Instale em:

PC / Instrument

Sistema Operacional

  • Windows 7 Service pack 1 (32/64-bit
  • Windows 10 (32/64 bit)


  • The SW components required for the Automotive Radar automation software are installed separately – please follow the installation instructions and Refer to the user guide for more information and for specifics about which software is required for each hardware configuration.
    • TAP Development System application KS8400A version 8.8
    • KS83200A Automation platform for automotive radar – basic version 1.0 or later
    • Signal Studio software suite N7608APPC version
    • 89600A VSA software version 2019.0301
    • M8195A Firmware and Soft front panel version 3.6 or later (this is used for signal general or receiver testing)

Instrumentos Compatíveis

  • KS83ST0A Software can be installed onto the spectrum analyzers •N9041B or N9040B.

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