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N1930B Physical Layer Test System software

The new Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2019 is the industry standard for signal integrity measurements and data post processing of high-speed interconnects, such as cables, backplanes, PCBs and connectors. Many signal integrity laboratories around the world have benefited from the power of PLTS in the R&D prototype test phase. PLTS 2019 now includes power integrity measurements allowing both series-through method and shunt-through method power plane measurements. Low frequency power distribution network (PDN) measurements with the E5061B VNA are fast and easy using PLTS log-log plotting and L-C curve fitting.

Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2019-01-30 PLTS 2019 PLTS 2019 30-day trial license now includes N1930B-5XY (Advanced Cal w/AFR)

How to Download

  • Click on “Download” button indicated on Keysight website

How to Install

  • When Install wizard launches, just click install and make sure to use all standard default settings (no custom settings should be used).
  • After installation, the first time PLTS launches, it will ask for the license file. Just browse to your location that you saved the license file to and double click on license file.
  • The program will then automatically start working properly. Sample s-parameter data files can be found under install folder labelled “Data” that is by standard default located here: This PC OSDisk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Keysight > PLTS2019 > Data



Installs on:

PC / Instrument

Operating System

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


  • Information Not Available

Supported Instruments

  • Keysight PNA/VNA/ENA/TDR