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The latest software version 3.60pa for all i1000D system type U9401B, U9405A and U9403A

The i1000D latest software version 3.60pa provides the following bugs fixed, enhancements and new features to ensure the success of i1000D testing at all levels of the product life cycle from proto build, NPI, to production run.

  • INST mode
    This mode allows users to execute commands to control instruments that are connected to the tester.
  • Multiple board versions
    This feature allows users to add and select multiple board versions in a single test program.
  • Board sampling functionality
    This feature enables users to skip some tests and improve throughput when a board reaches a high FPY.
  • Support for Keysight nanoVTEP
    Keysight nanoVTEP technology can be used with the i1000D systems. Setup, debugging, and operation are the same as VTEP.
  • Critical enhancements
  • Fixes for critical and serious defects

No previous versions available.