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Control Software for PD1000A Power Device Measurement System

Control Software for PD1000A Power Device Measurement System allows the user to easily control and record measurements from the I-V / C-V and s-parameter measurement functions of the PD1000A system. The I-V / C-V controls are included free of charge. The s-parameter controls require the PD1010A-1FP license after the built-in 30-day free trial expires.

Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2019-03-29 2019 Update 1 Corrected error in calculated values for *.mdm files when using logarithmic sweeps.

How to Download

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. Save or run the installer.

How to Install

  • Double-click on downloaded software file to run the installer.


  • Requires a License

Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 10 32-bit & 64-bit (Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education)
  • Windows 8 32-bit & 64-bit (Core, Pro, Enterprise)
  • Windows 7 SP1 and later 32-bit &64-bit (Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate)
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster (2 GHz or faster recommended)
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)(3 GB or greater recommended)


Supported Instruments

  • PD1000A Power Device Measurement System for Advanced Modeling

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