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N7631APPC/N7631EMBC - N7631C Signal Studio for Signal Studio for 5G NR

Release Date Version Version Description
2019-01-30 Aligned with 3GPP 5G NR specs v15.4 (2018-12); Add some new MCS tables, scenario based HARQ & CBG transmission; Add the test models defined in TS38.141-1/2; Support multi-frame configuration and MIMO configuration generated from 89600 setup file
2018-07-30 Update the 5G NR signal creation based on 3GPP Spec v15.2 (2018-06); Support multiple numerologies and BWPs in single carrier; Add more uplink/downlink channel and signal support etc.
2018-02-11 First release with new licensing and option structure and adds support for Windows 10