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N7624EMBC - N7624C Signal Studio for LTE, LTE-Advanced and LTE-A Pro (NB-IoT and eMTC) FDD

 * Real-time versions are not compatible with the N5182A MXG signal generator.

Release Date Version Version Description
2019-11-20 License version required: 2019.1031 (Release 2019 Update 1.0)
2018-11-01 Adds support for CAT-NB2 enhanced TBS table, 1024QAM for PDSCH, 256QAM for PUSCH with channel coding, E-TM 2b and E-TM3.1b, and Uplink FRC A1-8/9 and A2-4/5 with RA Type 3
2018-06-01 Add NB-IoT NPRS, Multi-burst transmission and improved Channel Filter; Add E-UTRA PUSCCH Format 4/5; Add Advanced LTE-A Pro 256QAM; Generate more than 160 ms Waveform Length for multi-carrier
2018-02-09 First release with new licensing and option structure and adds support for Windows 10; Upgrade to 64 bits and use .Net framework 4.7; Provides the B model waveforms to C model waveforms conversion tool