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TestExec SL Version 8.1 Patches and Hotfixes

TestExec SL Version 8.1 Software Updates
Patches and Hotfixes for TestExec SL 8.1

This patch is ONLY applicable to TestExec SL 8.1 version. Please ensure you have TestExec SL 8.1 installed before applying TestExec SL 8.1.1 patch.

TestExec SL 8.1.1 software patch provides the following enhancements and features:

1. Threaded Sequence and Asynchronous Testing supported in In-Process Operator UI C++ and .NET.

2. An enhancement has been made in Throughput Multiplier testplan with same parameters and limits settings to reduce file size when saved in current version.

3. A new option "Enable threaded execution for all UUT positions" has been added in Testplan Options under Throughput Multiplier tab.

4. Two new symbol parameters have been introduced in Symbol Tables - SequenceParms for Threaded Sequence.
    a) PassTestCount
    b) FailTestCount

5. Three new example projects of In-Process Operator UI has been added:
    a) \Examples\InOpUI\
    b) \Examples\InOpUI.NET\
    c) \Examples\InOpUIInterface\

6. An enhancement has been made in "SendUserDefinedMessage" to support Asynchronous mode in In-Process OpUI.

7. An enhancement has been made in validation check of missing waitthread statement in looping statements.

8. An enhancement has been made in showing TestExec SL version at title bar.

9. A bug has been fixed where string format data did not binded correctly when passing it as interface parameter to a sequence.

10. A bug has been fixed where incorrect execution mode shown at status bar.







Data de lançamento Versão Descrição da Versão
2017-11-13 8.1.1 TestExec SL Version 8.1 Patches and Hotfixes

Como Baixar

  • Please click on the Download button to download

Como Instalar

  • Please unzip the file and double click on the TestExec SL 8.1.1 Patch.exe file


  • Não Requer Licença

Instale em:


Sistema Operacional

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7


  • Informação Não Disponível

Instrumentos Compatíveis

  • TS-5400 PXI, TS-8900, TS-5400, TS-5040, TS-5020, TS-8900