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M9537A BIOS Downloads

The SL06 BIOS has these changes:

  1. PCIE CLKREQ Mapping Override from "Default" to "No CLKREQ", disable the PCI CLKREQ.
  2. Fixed BIOS post screen has noise (random) in WIN10 reboot.
  3. Update ME from to
  4. Fix "No battery is detected" message in WIN7.
  5. Change "SATA Speed selection" from Gen2 to Gen3.
  6. Remove NVME from OS BOOT selection 
Release Date Version Version Description
2017-11-08 SL06 See description above.

How to Download

  • Click the download button

How to Install


  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on:


Operating System

  • WES 7 32-bit
  • WES 7 64-bit
  • Win 10 64-bit


  • No specific prerequisites

Supported Instruments

  • M9537A