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PathWave Test Automation Deployment System

The KS8000A  PathWave Test Automation Deployment System provides a lower cost, scaled down alternative to the full KS8400A PathWave Test Automation Developers System without the graphical user interface, results viewer and timing analyzer. Deploy your existing test software and plugins into manufacturing environments using the KS8000A command line interface or your own interfaces.

  • Improved workflow for software developers using OpenTAP as it now exists as a NuGet package. This means that solutions using the OpenTAP NuGet package  can now be opened, compiled and executed by new developers without the need for pre-installing OpenTAP as that is all being taken care of by NuGet.
  • Published a docker image for OpenTAP (Linux version) 
Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2019-08-17 9,2,2 Nuget Package available

How to Download

  1. Click the Download button
  2. Save or run the installer.

How to Install

  • Double-click on downloaded software file to run the installer.


Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


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