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IntuiLink for Impedance Analyzers

The IntuiLink 4294A/4395A/4396B software provides an easy-to-use toolbar that enables you to connect to your analyzer from either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. Once connected, you can perform simple trace data capture and instrument display image transfers directly into your spreadsheet or document.

Supported Instruments
Model 4294A with Firmware Rev.1.11 or later
Model 4395A with Firmware Rev.1.01 or later
Model 4396B with Firmware Rev.1.10 or later

NOTE: The IntuiLink 4294A/4395A/4396B doesn't support a remote control via LAN interface. GPIB interface card must be installed in your PC.

PC Environments
Operating System
Windows ® 98 SE, Windows ® 2000, Windows ® XP or Windows NT ® 4.0 with Service Pack 6

NOTE: The operation of IntuiLink 4294A/4395A/4396B is confirmed under the combination of the operating system and the application. Refer to the table.

NOTE: 4294A Data Transfer Program (Excel VBA), which can transfer the measurement data and the display image from the 4294A to a PC, is also available.

Keysight I/O Libraries
Keysight I/O Libraries must be installed on the PC. Keysight I/O Libraries

Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2003-06-13 1.0 Supported Models: 4294A, 4395A, 4396B Note: The readme file included in the installation file is out-of-date. The separate readme file on this site is more current.

Comment télécharger

  • See Above

Comment installer

  • See Readme File

Autorisation d'exploitation

  • Ne requiert aucune licence

Document d'appui


S'installe sur:


Système d'exploitation

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 95/98


  • See Above

Instruments appuyés

  • 4294A 4395A 4396B