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Keysight x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer Software Release

Stay up-to-date with Keysight x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer
Software Release

The x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer software patch release provides the following enhancements and new features to ensure the success of boundary scan testing at all levels of the product life cycle from pre-PCB layout, proto build, NPI, to production run.

  • IEEE 1687 Standard Support provides a new test type to add IEEE 1687 tests to the boundary scan devices that are capable of it. This helps in Reduce ASIC NTF by eliminate gross component failures before going to functional test by catching component issues early
  • Enhanced Frame Debugger for Silicon Nail Test helps to simplify Silicon Nails test debug and Time to develop new libraries is significantly reduced.
  • Waveform Debugger on Custom Test helps to debug custom tests by pointing the line of code of custom test to the corresponding frame in waveform viewer. This enables to correlate the code to the waveform.
  • Mass Create Auto Bank Devices helps in creating multiple Auto Bank devices if there are two or more DDR memory devices with the same part number and tested using Silicon Nail. Auto Bank devices are virtual devices that combine individual memories into one device. This increases the speed of testing these memory devices by about 90%. Mass Creating helps in automatically developing the Auto Bank devices by over 90%.


  1. Software Release
  2. Software Patch
  3. 1687 Installer
Дата выпуска Версия Описание версии
2018-06-04 Keysight x1149 Boundary Scan Analyzer Software Patch Release

Как загрузить

  • Click on the download and follow the instructions

Как установить

  1. If you are not an existing user with x1149 SW version of Double click on first link to download the installer SW version of
  2. If SW version of is installed then go to step 6.
  3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, click Yes to allow the installation to continue.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
  5. Install the IO Library (IOLibSuite_17_1_19313.exe) for firmware upgrade and Keysight Instrument/Power supply integration.
  6. Download the patch installer for x1149 (Keysightx1149_1610.exe). Install this patch on the existing x1149 SW version of
  7. Download the patch installer for x1149 IEEE 1687 (Keysightx1149_1687.exe). Install this patch on SW Version


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  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10

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  • N1125, N1127A