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FieldFox Current Firmware (New CPU)

To upgrade firmware:

  1. Power on the FieldFox
  2. To view the current installed firmware in FieldFox
    • Press System (7), press Service Diagnostics, press System Information
  3. The Current Version tab at the bottom of this page provides a link to download the latest firmware
  4. Follow the appropriate Update Instructions from the table below
Current Firmware Revision Updated Firmware Revision Update Instructions


A.11.03 (All other FieldFox Models)

Back up all user state files before performing firmware update


External Reference Unlock Error Message does not appear under certain conditions



** Implementation of time/date restriction setting on FieldFox. Please set local time correctly before updating from previous revisions.

Updating within A.09.xx

NOTE: Firmware upgrades do not affect the measurement accuracy of a FieldFox instrument. An annual calibration of a FieldFox remains valid following a firmware upgrade. 

For more information and guidance on which upgrade is right for you refer to the Upgrade Brochure

Click here to view significant firmware history changes

No previous versions available.