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Keysight i3070 09.00px Software Release

Keysight Technologies is pleased to introduce the i3070 09.00p software release for existing i3070 series of in-circuit testers.

This release can be installed on testheads and test development stations with Windows 7 (32- bit and 64- bit) operating system. Please note that this software release is not supported on Windows XP, as Microsoft has ended its support for Windows XP in April 2014.

The i3070 in-circuit test software release 09.00p provides the following new features:

• Board Test Insight, provides a new graphical user interface allowing you to edit and debug the testplan and board files with editor, syntax highlighting and smart suggestion features.
• Throughput Multiplier is now enhanced for both shorts and pins tests, reducing the test time when homogeneous boards on a panel are tested simultaneously.
• Confinement of transfer pin assignment to module, forcing the Probe Select (PBS) software to assign transfer pins to modules according to the panelized boards assignment in the board config file.
• Enhancement in baseline tracking, with the ability to list the baselines and revisions of selected files, together with the timestamps.

Please refer to the Release Notes for details.

Não há versões anteriores disponíveis.