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N7660B Signal Studio Software for Multi-Emitter Scenario Generation

* Real-time versions are not compatible with the N5193A UXG Agile Signal Generator

Release Date Version Version Description
2017-09-18 Added support for N5193A-SS4, N5193A-AT2, N5191A-AT2, N5193A-CC3 | Moved Jitter Impairments from the Emitter to the Mode | See "release notes" section of the webhelp link for additional details.
2017-03-02 Added support for the N5191A & N5193A Signal Generators | Multiple other software issues resolved and enhancements | See "Release Notes" for more information...
2017-01-12 Select the N7660B Online Documentation (webhelp) link in the Supporting Documentation section, then choose the Release Notes link for details about this version...
2016-03-14 Fixed a problem where pulses were dropped due to the propagation delay of kinematics | Fixed a licensing problem that misread expired licenses on the UXG instruments | See "Release Notes" for more information
2016-03-01 1.5.0 Added N5191A UXG support | Added streaming mode to support very large simulations | See "Release Notes" for more information
2015-04-09 1.0.0 Initial software release.