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N7614B Signal Studio Software for Power Amplifier Test

Release Date Version Version Description
2017-04-18 Added support for PAE measurement, M8195A AXIe AWG and M320xA PXIe AWG...
2016-09-13 Added support for wideband DPD with calibration, Added 89600 VSA support, Added envelope tracking for dual-band DPD | See "release notes" section of the webhelp link for additional details
2016-01-28 Added support for dual-band DPD, Added support for user-defined MATLAB DPD algorithms, and more. See the webhelp file for more details
2015-06-28 Maintenance Release - Fixed an issue where API commands were called by x64 application
2015-05-20 Adds real-time ET and DPD solution support with two N5182B MXG/N5172B EXGs, M8190A AWG support for wideband DP, N5172B EXG/N5182B MXG support as envelope signal generator in ARB mode, and more.
2014-08-07 Initial release