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APS Power Assistant Software

The Advanced Power System (APS) Power Assistant software is a free application that works with any APS power supply. The power assistant software provides three main capabilities to APS power supply users:

  • Control an APS power supply using the Power Assistant software’s intuitive graphical user interface
    • Displays the measured output values
    • Displays the output settings
    • Provides access to all front panel controls
  • Retrieve and view data from the N7908A black box recorder (BBR)
    • BBR data is retrieved and displayed in a time stamped plot called a “snapshot”
    • The snapshot can show all BBR or just a customized subset of the data
    • BBR data can be exported to an Excel file and stored
  • Visually configure complex trigger signal routing and logical trigger expressions
    • Provides intuitive graphical interface for configuring complex trigger configurations
    • Allows you to download trigger configurations to APS power supply
    • Allows you to save trigger configurations to computer
    • Access SCPI commands to implement trigger configurations in your ATE software

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