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E6703J WCDMA/HSPA Lab Application

You can download the various applications below. Depending on your applications, you will need the latest LA licenses in your test set to run this software. Your email notification that alerted you to this new software has instructions on redeeming your new licenses under the Annual Contract. Please be sure to download and install the license before attempting to run the new software

In order to provide early access to new features, the Pre-Releases available below have been partially qualified. The new features present in these releases have been bench-tested to verify their performance. The previously existing features have undergone a shortened software qualification cycle to verify that they have not been negatively affected by the new features.

Your test set may require a hardware upgrade to run the applications below or to enable certain features within them.

Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2015-01-06 J.01.11 Software available for download...

Comment télécharger

  1. Click on the Download button
  2. Select Run
  3. Files will be extracted to your hard drive
  4. Installation manager will start automatically

Comment installer

Autorisation d'exploitation

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Système d'exploitation

  • VxWorks


  • None

Instruments appuyés

  • 8960, E5515C, E5515E

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