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FieldFox Data Link Software

The Data Link software facilitates transferring data from FieldFox to your PC and the creation of simple reports.

Current version: Data Link 6, requires FieldFox firmware A.08.15 / A.09.15 (N995xA & N996xA) and later. 

Overview - Information on this page provides history on the new generation of Data Link software first introduced in October, 2009, orignal version available prior to October, 2009.  The versions for the new generation of Data Link software start at 2.0. The versions for the original Data Link software are 1.x.

Data Link Software History
Version Modification
  • Compatible with FW version 11.55
  • Fixes issue with Start frequency at 300KHz
  • Addition of Data Link Console tool
  • Support for FieldFox (B) models.
  • NA mode: Marker table readout not legible in 2 trace overlay mode when one trace has marker bandwidth search turned on
  •  Correction for Edits on Limit Lines
  •  Localization Language correction
  • This version is compatible with FieldFox firmware A.10.3x (Noise Figure) and prior.
  • It does not cause the FieldFox to go in to remote lockout mode.
  • FReD is updated to version 1.26 with this datalink release.
  •  SA mode record/playback sessions to be opened in datalink from a FieldFox, from a USB stick, from a SD card, or from a location on a PC.
  • Fixes some record/playback issues, and adds print capability to .png files.
  • Corrects issues with installs in Windows 10
  • Support option 350, Localization Updates    
  • Fixed bugs found in version 5.10.
  • Supports FieldFox firmware A.08.15 / A.09.15 (N995xA & N996xA models)
  • Fixed: Datalink does not apply interpolation correctly in certain scenarios.
  • Supports new FieldFox models (N995xA and N996xA).
  • New Keysight branding.
  • Fix crash in SA mode when moving markers.
  • Improve error message for non-SA, CAT and NA mode.
  • Add timezone field to report date and file date
  • Add FieldFox Remote Display and Instrument Console utilities into Data Link under Tools tab.
  • Fix bug on saving a .dlt file to update measurement date for report generation.
  • Fixed bug where Smith and polar plots could be drawn as ovals instead of circles.
  • Supports FieldFox firmware A.07.26
  • Fixed Help file for Cal Kit Editor.
  • Various bugs fixes on report generations for various sized plots, allowing commas in scaling and marker entries when locale requires them.
  • Fixed: Saving .dlt files with markers and limit lines, memory management, generating multiple reports from different file names, and etc.
  • Fixed Windows XP compatibility support
  • Fixed: Data Link minimized issue on taskbar on Windows 7
  • Fixed: Data Link unable to handle IFBWs less than 300 Hz.
  • Fixed: Data Link capture current trace time does not match the time displayed on FieldFox screen
  • Datalink version 4.12 is compatible with FieldFox firmware A.06.17
  • Fixed localized header info
  • Fixed Datalink trace+state import bug
  • Fixed: Cable editor velocity factor field change does not persist when saving
  • Made compatible with older firmware A.04.50 and above
  • FieldFox with firmware revision A.03.06 and below requires latest firmware to fix save/recall states issues when using this version DataLink
  • Note: Beginning from revision 3.48, Data Link enable three display screen sizes in Windows 7, 100%, 125% and 150%. Go to:

   Control Panel
   Ease of Access Center
   Make the computer easier to see
   Change the size of text and icons
   Choose small (100%), medium (125%), or large (150%). Medium is only compatible with DataLink above 3.48

  • Fixed: Single trace .dlt file used as analysis template causes multi-trace State+Trace file to fail to load53128
  • Fixed: Import .csv and .sta files -- CAT mode VSWR -- 0.00 Hz listed as Start/Stop freq. It should be 2 MHz and 3 GHz
  • Fixed: In Data Link 3.40, when"capture current trace" CAT mode VSWR, the title and annotation show RL LogMag, and displayed trace is not correct
  • Fixed: In Data Link 3.40, when "capture current trace", markers are not captured and displayed
  • Fixed: Adding markers on imported .csv files
  • Fixed: When load CAT mode VSWR State+Trace file in DataLink, change to LogMag, but title remains VSWR
  • Fixed: In DTF LIN State+Trace file, when opening in DataLink shows DTV VSWR scaling instead of DTF LIN scaling
  • Fixed crash when "right clicking" on state only graph
  • Fixed display title when changing from non-DTF plot to VSWR display DTF(VSWR)
  • Fixed: Markers float in space when converting to polar and smith
  • Fixed: Remove "format" option on mouse "right click" when complex data is not enough to do format conversion
  • Fixed: DTF VSWR - Import state + trace file, choose Format, LogMag, annotation changes to LogMag, but data is still VSWR
  • Fixed: Calkit Editor - Changing connector name does not change standard names
  • Fixed: DTF VSWR state+trace file data is displayed incorrectly in DataLink
  • Fixed: DTF linear format state+trace file unable to open in DataLink
  • Fixed: .csv file with GPS data. When opening file in DataLink, report does not show GPS data
  • Fixed: Datalink state+trace file opening error
  • Fixed: Attached .sta file fail to open in DataLink
  • Fixed: Data Link unable to open .sta file
  • Fixed: DTF/RL dual window, RL data showing at 120dB when alternate sweep is on
  • Fixed: Scale reversed on SA mode in .csv files
  • Fixed: GPS title appears when opening .csv files when no GPS data is present
  • Fixed: Line format data doesn't draw when recalling NA model LIN format from .csv files 
  • Fixed: SA markers: when opening .sta file, markers all appear on tace #1 instead of the actual trace.
  • Multiple fixed on file opening and saving
  • Known issue - Fix dual DTF/RL windows title annotation to show VSWR format
  • Known issue - Fix Frequency Mode: [Bandpass][Lowpass] annotation in non-DTF state+trace file
  • Fixed: SA mode "capture current trace" errors if marker is present
  • Fixed: SA model state+trace recall markers position  
  • Fixed: Dual DTF/RF VSWR state+trace file and .csv file problems
  • Fixed: Dual DTF/RL log mag trace+state and .csv problems 
  • Known issue - Fix column headers to generated .csv file for cable files
  • Known issue - Fix label name change in calkit editor
  • Known issue - Fix various DTF report items
  • Known issue - Fix display cable file name in DTF DataLink report
  • Fixed DTF linear format for cable loss, name and velocity factor in reports generated from .sta files
  • Fixed .dlt files created with older version of DataLink (3.15)
  • Fixed: Cable loss and velocity factor can be wrong in DTF generated reports
  • First official released version that supports N9923A
  • .csv file has locale issues
  • Data Link SW: marker value has wrong decimal points under Croatia regional settings
  • Data Link: recalling S21 and Insertion Loss state+trace doesn't apply normalization error correction
  • Cable loss .sta state+trace file displays return loss data values instead of cable loss data values
  • Data Link Software -- A.03.02 state files don't open
  • Insertion Loss does not "capture current trace" correctly
  • Data Link should reverse the sign when importing CAT mode S1P files
  • Data Link: Data is incorrect when "capture current trace" with German or Belgium locales
  • Data Link SA mode "capture current trace" -- IF BW annotation is listed, which is not applicable for SA mode, and is incorrect
  • .csv and s1p files have locale issues
  • Opening a data save/recall .csv file cause the cable editor to open
  • Wilson s1p and csv files should be rejected
  • Older state+trace files can no longer be opened in DataLink
  • Data Link -- pre-A.04.02 DTF .csv files have meter/feet conversion factor applied twice -- Data Link needs to compensate
  • Regional settings need to be correctly handled
  • Known issue - Fix .xml to .csv converter, as per PLTS
  • Reject N9923A current traces and open state files
  • Original release
Release Date Version Version Description
2020-02-24 6.72 Zip file contain Data Link Software Release A.6.72

How to Download

  • Click the download button, select file, save and unzip.

How to Install

  • Please read the installation instruction guide from the Supporting Documenation section.


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Other Windows
  • Windows 10


  • Information Not Available

Supported Instruments

  • N9912A, N9923A, N9913A, N9914A, N9915A, N9916A, N9917A, N9918A, N9925A, N9926A, N9927A, N9928A, N9935A, N9936A, N9937A, N9938A, N9950A, N9951A, N9952A, N9960A, N9961A, N9962A, N9913B, N9914B, N9915B, N9916B, N9917B, N9918B, N9933B, N9934B, N9935B, N9936B, N9937B, N9938B