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PXIe Chassis Family Drivers

For a complete list of all instrument drivers from Keysight, please visit www.keysight.com/find/drivers

Note: If you use the system module in your setup, you’ll need to also install the M902x PXIe System Module Driver in order to get your system to work properly.

Changes in release

  • Enhanced the capability of the front panel Trigger Ports.
        To gain this enhanced capability, the chassis firmware must be updated to version 2018.
        The PXIe Chassis family driver will work with both the 2017 firmware and the 2018 firmware.
        Older versions of the driver will only work with the 2017 firmware.
    The enhanced capability allows you to:
        • Configure a front panel Trigger Port to Input and connect to multiple PXI_TRIG signal lines on two Trigger Bus Segments.
        • Configure a front panel Trigger Port to Output and connect to a single PXI_TRIG signal line on either of two Trigger Bus Segments.
    See the User Guide for details.
  • Fixed various defects to improve reliability and quality.

This installer contains 3 drivers:

KtMPxiChassis Driver

  • PXIe Chassis Family driver
  • See introduction file for additional information

KtMTrig driver

  • Trigger Manager
  • See introduction file for additional information

AgM9018 Driver

  • Legacy M9018A driver to support applications written for version of AgM9018 driver
  • See introduction file for additional information
Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2018-08-16 See description above.

Comment télécharger

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. Select the appropriate executable file.
  3. Choose Run.

Comment installer

  1. Run the downloaded installer for version 

Autorisation d'exploitation

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