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Control XTP card new firmware version xtp_11060116.xsvf

Problem Description:
The “10071517_1.xsvf” firmware that released through service note 3070-82 for supporting new NEC 2Mx8bits SRAM on Control XTP cannot perform ‘data polling’ in flash ISP test.

The new control XTP firmware version “11060116_1.xsvf” is to solve the above issue and it is backward compatible for both the old NEC 4Mx4bit SRAM and the NEC 2Mx8bit SRAM.
Please refer to Service Note 3070-85 for details.

Installation Procedure:

  1. Download the “xtp_110601116_1.xsvf” ” file.
  2. Copy it into the “lib” directory “C:\Agilent_ICT\lib” on your controller
  3. Locate the file “C:\Agilent_ICT\lib\xtp.xsvf” and rename it to other name.
  4. Rename the file “xtp_110601116_1.xsvf” to “xtp.xsvf”
  5. Perform the update as according to Release Note 3070-85.

No previous versions available.