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L4411A Firmware Update Revision 2.39

What is in the L4411A Firmware Revision 2.39?

See L4411A Firmware Revision History below.

Please download the updated versions of the L4411A User's Guide and Programmer's Reference using the links below. Updated IVI and LabView drivers should also be downloaded from the Keysight drivers web page. L4411A Instrument Drivers

Procedure to install L4411A Firmware Revision 2.39:

  1. Download and install the Keysight L4411A Firmware Update Utility located in the Documents & Downloads section at the bottom of this page. If you already have the Firmware Update Utility installed on your computer, skip this step.
  2. Download the Keysight L4411A Firmware Revision 2.39 file located in the Documents & Downloads section at the bottom of this page.
  3. Unzip the Keysight L4411A Firmware Revision 2.39 file, making note of where you store the unzipped file.
  4. Open the Firmware Update Utility (Start -> Programs -> Keysight -> Firmware Update Utility).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Browse and locate the firmware update file (agtL4411_instrument_rev239.xs) that you unzipped in step 3. Highlight the file and select Open.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the I/O interface (GPIB, LAN, or USB) that connects your L4411A mainframe to your PC.
  9. Choose the settings necessary for communication (GPIB address, IP address, USB ID).
  10. Click Update. NOTE: This update will take several minutes and the L4411A will display status messages and automatically reboot when completed. DO NOT cycle or interrupt power to the L4411A during the update process.
  11. After this is completed, exit the update utility.
  12. Refer to the L4411A front panel and note if there are any errors (the ERROR light will be on in the display).
  13. The update process is now complete.

Note: There is no need to re-calibrate the L4411A when this new firmware is installed.

No previous versions available.