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Using Keysight’s U2300A Series USB Modular Data Acquisition with MATLAB

MATLAB® is a well known software environment and programming language with over 1,000,000 users. MATLAB enables you to configure, control, and acquire data from U2300A series data acquisition devices. Once data is in MATLAB, you can analyze and visualize that data using interactive tools and command-line functions for data analysis tasks such as signal processing, statistical analysis, digital filtering, curve fitting, and nonlinear optimization. MATLAB is also used for generating waveforms and developing Test & Measurement applications.

MATLAB supports Keysight U2300A series data acquisition devices using MATLAB, the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox, and a software adaptor available for download here. A MATLAB help file is also available for download here with instructions for getting started using MATLAB with your U2300A series devices.

Note: The Keysight U2300A Series data acquisition devices are not compatible with MATLAB versions later than R2007a and operating systems later than Windows XP.

Useful MATLAB Resources:

  1. Available MATLAB software packages for your data acquisition modules click here
  2. Summary sheet: Using MATLAB with Keysight Instruments
  3. Overview of MATLAB: https://www.mathworks.com/main/matlab 
  4. Overview of MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox: https://www.mathworks.com/access/helpdesk/help/toolbox/daq/index.html?/access/helpdesk/help/toolbox/daq/f5-32960 
  5. Overview of using MATLAB with Keysight Instruments: https://www.mathworks.com/main/overview 
  6. For more MATLAB program examples and information: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/ 

For More Information:

  1. Receive a trial of MATLAB and MATLAB’s Data Acquisition Toolbox: https://www.mathworks.com/main/daq/tryit.html 
  2. Learn more about using MATLAB software with Keysight U2300A Series devices: https://www.mathworks.com/main/daq/overview 
  3. Learn how to use Data Acquisition Toolbox to create MATLAB scripts by reading the user documentation for Data Acquisition Toolbox: https://www.mathworks.com/access/helpdesk/help/toolbox/daq/index.html 
  4. Learn how to use MATLAB software with other Keysight hardware: https://www.mathworks.com/main/overview 

MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

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