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PSA Series EMC Limit Lines and Transducer Factors

Limit Lines - While this disk does provide limit lines for a good number of the most commonly used standards, we cannot cover all of the different standards used around the world, as well as all of the emerging standards. However, we do occasionally come out with new versions such as this. Creating your own limit lines can be done very easily for any standards that we may not cover. To do so please refer to your PSA User's & Programmers Reference Volume 1 section 2.5.4.

Transducer Factors - While this disk does provides transducer factors for the different antennas, LISNs, limiters, cables, etc... that we sell, if you have received specific calibration data for your device you will need to modify the correction factors to match your specific data in order to obtain the most accurate measurements possible. For information on how to modify correction data, or to add correction data for other devices please refer to your PSA User's & Programmers Reference Volume 1 section 2.1.11.


  • While these files are intended for use with the PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers, the Limit Lines and Transducer Factor files will also load into the E7400A and ESA Series Spectrum Analyzers.
  • The self-extracting EXE is the fastest way to install the firmware, however, some PCs might have a problem using this program. If that is the case for you, download the ZIP file instead and unzip the contents to a floppy disk.
Release Date Version Version Description
2008-02-12 A.01.02 This is this software found on the floppy disk that is shipped with every PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer Option 239.

How to Download

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. Select the desired file type.
  3. Save the program to your PC.

How to Install

  1. The self extracting file will prompt you to place a blank floppy disk into your A drive.
  2. Extract all of the files to the floppy disk for use in the analyzer.


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:

PC / Instrument


  • Floppy disk

Supported Instruments

  • E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A