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U1604A Firmware Update (Revision 2.7.1)

Firmware Installation Instructions for U1602A/U1604A Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

Always update your handheld oscilloscope with the latest firmware to maximize the performance of the instrument. If this is your first time performing the firmware installation, please follow all the instructions below step-by-step to ensure the firmware installation is successful. If you are already familiar with the method to install the firmware, you may directly select the links below for your upgrade.

Follow these steps to update the firmware:

First Step: Download and run either the Integrated Installer or Firmware Loader file. By downloading and running the Integrated Installer, the PC Link software, Firmware Loader and USB driver are installed. Should you select Firmware Loader instead, only the Firmware Loader and USB driver are installed. This is sufficient to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Second Step: Complete the following steps after the U1600A USB Driver and Firmware Loader have been downloaded.

  1. Ensure the instrument has been disconnected from your PC.
  2. Select the appropriate firmware version based on the serial number in the Documents & Downloads section below and save the file to your computer’s Desktop or any directory of your preference.

Note: Please check the serial number of your unit, if the last four digits of the serial number are < 1000, you need to install Firmware Revision A. (Example of serial number: KR46x00001-KR46x00999). If the last four digits of the serial number are > 1000, you need to install Firmware Revision B. (Example of serial number: KR46x01000-KR46x0xxxx).

  1. Open the Firmware Loader.
  2. Click Open BIN to browse the firmware binary file which has been downloaded in Step 2.
  3. Power on the instrument if the instrument has not been powered up. To turn on the USB connection of the instrument, press User > Utility (F4 softkey) > USB On/Off (page 1 of 4) > On (F3 softkey).
  4. Connect the USB cable to the instrument. The PC will automatically detect the instrument. Power off the instrument now.
  5. Power on the instrument again. The firmware upgrade will automatically execute to replace the old firmware with the new firmware. Do not remove the USB connection between the instrument and PC during this process. If this is violated, the instrument will hang and might not be able to power off. When this happens, disconnect the battery and repeat steps from the beginning.
  6. After the firmware upgrade has been completed, the instrument will automatically power off.
  7. Click Exit to close the firmware loader.
  8. Power on the instrument. Press User > Utility (F4 softkey) > System Information (F3 softkey) to check the firmware revision.

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