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IntuiLink Waveform Editor for Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Intuilink Connectivity Software

IntuiLink Waveform Generator is powerful stand-alone application for creating arbitrary waveforms. Waveform data can be imported from a file, or captured using a supported Keysight oscilloscope. Waveforms can be modified or designed from scratch using the powerful waveform editor. Once the waveform is created it can be downloaded to the function generator. In addition, complete instrument setups can saved and restored from the PC.

  • Create waveforms graphically
  • Transfer waveforms from the PC to the function generator
  • Import waveform data
  • Manage waveforms

This IntuiLink does not install toolbars but does install a graphical waveform editor and an ActiveX control for easy programming.

Starting with Release 1.5, IntuiLink Waveform Editor now supports the Windows® Vista operating system as well as XP, Windows 2000, and 98/ME.

Expand the capability of your IntuiLink for Waveform Generator software with one of more of the following add-ins. IntuiLink for Software Function Generators

Now the recommended software is the 33503A BenchLink waveform builder and is available on the 33503A BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro Software

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Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2008-09-01 1.6 Supported Models: 33120A, 33210A, 33220A, 33250A (NOTE: If you do not plan to use the 33210A or 33220A, a smaller driver is available - Version 1.2, May 30, 2002- that provides support for only the 33120A and 33250A.)

Comment télécharger

  • See Above

Comment installer

  • See Readme File

Autorisation d'exploitation

  • Ne requiert aucune licence

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Système d'exploitation

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000


  • See Readme File

Instruments appuyés

  • 33120A, 33210A, 33220A, 33250A

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