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Signal Generator | MXG X-Series, PSG, ESG Download Assistant and MATLAB

MATLAB Download AssistantMATLAB Overview
MATLAB, a software environment and programming language for design and test engineers, extends the functionality of Keysight generators by enabling you to generate arbitrary and standard waveforms, automate tests, and configure, control, and analyze measurements from other instruments. MATLAB is now available directly from Keysight as option N6171A with the purchase of your Keysight signal generator, signal analyzers, PXI and AXI modular hardware, and other instruments. Visit for details.

Download Assistant: Generate and download waveforms to your Keysight signal generator using included MATLAB functions
The Download Assistant software installs a series of MATLAB functions as MATLAB files into the directory that you choose during installation. This software enables you to download your custom I/Q data into the baseband generator of any vector signal generator and use a single MATLAB command to play it back. In addition, add markers to trigger events during the playback of your signal and adjust parameters such as sampling rate and filter type. There is no cost for Download Assistant. However, Download Assistant requires you to have MATLAB and its Instrument Control Toolbox which you order directly from Keysight as option N6171A when you purchase your instrument or directly from MathWorks if you already have purchased your instrument.


  • Easy to use in MATLAB - Use the Download Assistant’s MATLAB functions to connect to the instrument, download waveform data, set parameters, and play back waveforms from the MATLAB command line. There’s no need to scale or format data; the Waveform Download Assistant handles it for you.
  • Flexible instrument control - Send SCPI commands to control your signal generator’s settings from the MATLAB command line with Waveform Download Assistant.
  • Waveform sequencing programmable - Create, download, and play waveform sequences using a series of SCPI commands from the MATLAB command line. An example M-file is provided to help you get started.

Using MATLAB with signal sources without Download Assistant
Download Assistant provides multiple benefits including providing automatic data formatting and playing back sequences of arbitrary waveform samples. However, MATLAB users can also now directly program Keysight signal sources without the Download Assistant using MATLAB’s Instrument Control Toolbox. Download the free example, “Generating Waveforms on Keysight MXG, ESG, PSG Signal Sources using MATLAB” from MATLAB Central at: 

Free Trials of MATLAB software available (MATLAB and/or MATLAB’s Instrument Control Toolbox)
All MATLAB N6171A software packages available from Keysight include both MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox. To request a free trial of MATLAB software with Instrument Control Toolbox, select the “Software Trials & Licenses” option on Keysight’s MATLAB product page:

Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2009-10-30 2.0 Click here to download the Waveform Download Assistant V2.0 software for use with MATLAB release R2009a and later. 2.0 is also recommended for new Download Assistant users using MATLAB R2007a and later.