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FrameScope /WireScope 350 Download

FrameScope/WireScope 350 Download:

Download the latest software package for your WireScope / FrameScope 350 product - Version 3.2.8 :


You must uninstall the previous version of ScopeData Pro prior to installing the new software. Failing to do so may cause unpredictable behavior.

This Version Includes:

- ScopeData Pro for the PC
- FrameScope 350 for the FrameScope 350/Dual Remote 350
- WireScope 350 for the WireScope/Dual Remote 350
- WireScope 155 v 5.21 for the WireScope/Dual Remote 155 (English version only)

New Features Added

Network Testing

  1. Frame Loss Rate tests and Back-to-Back tests had been added into the RFC 2544 Testing.
  2. Inter-operability between FrameScopeTM 350 and FrameScopeTM Pro for RFC 2544 Testing.
  3. RFC 2544 web report enhancement.

Cable Testing

  1. Latest updates of cables and connectors databases.

NOTE: After installing software version 3.2.8 or later, the main cabling screen on the WireScope 350 or FrameScope 350 displays a new simplified user interface with Class D and Class E buttons. If you would like to return to the original "Expert Mode" screen, please see the instructions below.

Download the "Software Upgrade Utility Guide" for FrameScope / WireScope 350 (3.2 MB)

Please read chapter 8 for Software Upgrade Utility Guide for FrameScope / WireScope 350.

Release Date Version Version Description
2003-08-24 5.20 Version 5.20 includes many new major features.

How to Download

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How to Install

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  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:



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Supported Instruments

  • WireScope FrameScope 350