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E5071C Network Analyzers Firmware Update

Please note that you DO NOT need to return your ENA to Keysight service center for updating the firmware. The ENA firmware upgrade can easily be performed on your own with the information and tools available on this Web page.


  • Version B.14.xx is for E5071C with Windows 7 and Windows 10 (except B.14.03 is for E5071C with Windows 7 only). Version B.12.xx and B.13.xx are for the E5071C with Windows 7 only. Use A.xx.xx for the E5071C with Windows XP. Do not install version B.xx.xx on the E5071C with Windows XP. When you install B.xx.xx on E5071C with Windows XP, the firmware will be deleted. Perform System Recovery.
  • Minimum required firmware:
    The firmware revision A.08.01 or above is required for the E5071C 4.5 GHz options (Opt.24x/44x).
    The firmware revision A.09.10 or above is required for the E5071C 20 GHz options (Opt.2K5/4K5).
    The firmware revision A.09.30 or above is required for the E5071C 6.5 GHz and 14 GHz options (Opt.26x/46x/2D5/4D5).
    Attempting to install the older revision will make the E5071C malfunction.
  • Only install this firmware on the E5071C. Do not attempt to install this firmware on a PC as this may render it unusable.
  • If the E5071C is used as a part of the N4374B Lightwave Component Analyzer, then a firmware upgrade may also require an upgrade of the LCA Firmware. Please refer to this page.
  • Only install this firmware on the E5071C. Attempting to install this Firmware to the E5070A/71A / E5070B/71B could make them malfunction. If you are the E5070B/71B user, please refer to the download page for the E5070B/71B.

Note: LXI compliant update for Rev. A.07.02, and Rev. A.07.01 users

To be compliant to LXI compliant:

  1. Install E5071C Firmware Revision A.08.01 or later
  2. Download "ENALXISetup.exe" listed below and double click the file to install the required software

Known Issue for Firmware Update

When updating the firmware, the process may stop at the desktop screen. If this is the case, restart the Windows so that the update will be properly completed.

Known Issue for Rev.A.11.36

  • The E5071C_A.11.36.exe file cannot be extracted on Window XP. Download the file and extract it on Windows 7 or 10 of your PC. Then move it to the E5071C.

Known Issue for Rev. A.09.60

  • To support multiple Ecal connect implemented in A.09.60, an Ecal control driver is updated from the HDD version CN960, which the firmware rev A.09.60 is installed at the factory shipping. If you encounter the problem using multiple Ecal control with the unit that was shipped with HDD version CN954 or less, see the troubleshooting in E5071C help. The driver is available below.
  • For these units that were shipped with the HDD version CN960 or above, the E5071C cannot recognize the Ecal correctly if the lower firmware version is installed. See the troubleshooting in E5071C help. The driver is available below.

Known Issue for Rev. A.09.50

  • State file saved with the former revision is not compatible with the revision A.09.50 (2-port option only).
  • Eye diagram measurement does not work properly when zero level is set to a negative value (Option TDR only). Please refer to this page.

Known Issue for Rev. A.09.23

  • Wait time for N443x 4-port Ecal is not enough at segment sweep, power sweep, and frequency offset mode (E5071C Opt.2K5/4K5 20GHz options only)

Known Issue for Rev. A.09.22

  • State file including calibration data (Type - State&Cal or All) is not fully compatible with other revisions

Known Issue for Rev. A.08.12 (Fixed in Rev. A.09.10)

  • Calculation of Z conversion (Zr and Zt) does not work properly if you set imaginary value to port impedance.
  • Absolute value measurement does not work properly if you measure absolute value using external SG control feature.
  • Calibration kit definition file does not work properly if you change language setting of ENA's system. For more detail, refer to FAQ: Cal kit data error could occur when language setting is changed from English on the ENA.

Known Issue for Rev. A.08.04 (Fixed in Rev. A.08.10)

  • External test set mode function is not available.

Known Issue for Rev. A.08.01 (Fixed in Rev. A.08.10)

  • Calibration does not work properly in external test set mode. An error occurs after executing calibration.

Known Issue for Rev. A.07.02 (This has been fixed in Rev. A.08.01)

  • Scalar mixer calibration function does not work properly. The traces are not updated after executing scalar mixer calibration.

Known Issues for Rev. A.07.01 (These have been fixed in Rev A.07.02)

  • Once Ecal has been executed, part of fixture simulator function does not work properly. As a workaround, please turn off then turn on the fixture simulator (Press Analysis>Fixture Simulator>OFF then Analysis>Fixture Simulator ON).
  • Traces which are not displayed on the screen is not saved properly by the save SnP function when the port extension function is turned on. If you have to output touchstone data with port extension, please display all traces on the screen.
  • De-embedding s4p function does not work properly with other fixture simulator function, which is related with single-ended parameters. For example, when 4-port embedding is applied on port1 and port2, applying port Z conversion to port3 will cause De-embedding s4p on port1 and port2 to not work properly.

E5071C-TDR Firmware & Application Software Update

Release Date Version Version Description
2020-03-20 B.14.14 E5071C Firmware Revision B.14.14

How to Download

  • Click the download button and save the file to a temporary directory on your PC (or instrument).

How to Install


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


  • No specific prerequisites

Supported Instruments

  • E5071C