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Keysight Instrument Control Bundle .iso DVD image


This page contains an .iso file, which can be used to burn a DVD. 
For the normal download file (.exe), navigate to the Keysight Instrument Control Bundle Download page.


This no cost download includes all three Keysight instrument control software packages. Download this bundle for simple installation and flexible instrument connectivity.

The download bundle includes:

  • IO Libraries Suite: for discovering and connecting instruments.
  • Command Expert: for building instrument control applications.
  • BenchVue Platform: for viewing and capturing instrument data with no programming.

BenchVue 2020 Platform is supported only on Windows 10 and thus the supported OS's are listed to be only Windows 10 eventhough IO Libraries Suite 2020 and Command Expert 2019 are supported on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

.NET 3.5 Framework is required for IO Libraries Suite 2020 so it is best to install it on Windows 10 images that have this feature pre-installed by your IT department, especially in secure environments without internet connection.

BenchVue application installer .exe's are included in a separate folder within the .iso image. These application installers were the latest versions available in May 2020.

Release Date Version Version Description
2020-06-09 6.2020 This .iso file can be burned onto a DVD for installation in secure labs or labs without internet connectivity. Includes IO Libraries Suite 2020, BenchVue 2020 Platform and includes Apps, Command Expert 2019 with offline command sets from April 2020.

How to Download

  1. Click the download button
  2. Select the .iso file
  3. Save to your computer

How to Install

  • Use a tool to burn the .iso file to a blank DVD.
  • Or you can also choose to right-click on the .iso file and Mount the .iso image virtually in Windows that that have that feature enabled to access the installers without burning it onto a DVD. Please look online on how to do this.
  • Double-sided DVD may be required as this ISO file size is close to 5 GB and most single-sided DVDs only hold about 4 GB.


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 10


  • Windows 10 OS image with .NET Framework 3.5 preinstalled.

Supported Instruments