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3000 Series Oscilloscopes Firmware (Version 04.02.15)

The firmware update executable file, DSO3000_Update_Ver_04-02-15.EXE, must be saved to your PC. Then, double-click on the executable file to install the firmware update utility to your PC. The .exe file creates a "DSO3000 Update Wizard" icon on your desktop. This is the program you use to upgrade your oscilloscope's firmware via the oscilloscope's built-in USB connection.

To perform the upgrade, use a USB A-to-B cable to connect the oscilloscope to your PC. The upgrade process itself is very simple; that is, run the upgrade utility, and the software does all the work. Once you are ready to upgrade your oscilloscope, you MUST observe a couple of things as this upgrade is NOT fool-proof:

  1. Close ALL Windows programs on your PC.
  2. Double-click on the DSO3000 Update Wizard icon to begin the update process. Follow the instructions as shown in the wizard.
  3. Do NOT adjust any oscilloscope controls, touch any knobs or buttons, or cycle power on the oscilloscope until after the software upgrade utility has indicated the update is complete. Bottom line--leave the oscilloscope alone during the upgrade process.
  4. Once the utility indicates the upgrade is complete, cycle power on the oscilloscope to get it to boot to the new code.
Release Date Version Version Description
2008-01-17 04.02.15 Firmware update for Keysight 3000 Series oscilloscopes.

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Supported Instruments

  • 3000 Series