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U8903A Audio Analyzer Firmware

Firmware Information

Applicable to U8903A Audio Analyzers.

If you own a U8903A Audio Analyzer, you will want to install firmware upgrade revision to maximize performance. Please note that if you have firmware version and above, you can download firmware directly from the link below. Otherwise, please upgrade to firmware first by following the instruction in the download link.

Firmware version and above includes the HP 8903B code emulator, which allows the U8903A to read the old R2D2 programming codes of the 8903B. With the code emulator, you can save time and effort by removing the need to rewrite programs into SCPI.

• – initial release
• – first release
• – second release
• - third release
• - fourth release
• - fifth release
• - sixth release
• – latest release (Date: July 23, 2013)

Release Date Version Version Description
2013-07-23 Seventh Release of U8903A firmware.

How to Download

  • See Installation Procedure.

How to Install


  • Does Not Require a License

Supporting Documentation


Installs on:



  • No specific prerequisites

Supported Instruments

  • U8903A